A Timeline of Filipino American Art History
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1999-Present: The Filipino American Era

Making A Scene, Causing Attention And Bringing It On - Contemporary Filipino artistic production is experiencing a period in the spotlight.  With the Bay Area Now 2005 exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts including five Filipino identified artists/art groups, mainstream institutions are now paying respect to these artists and their work.  Also, with the creation of the USF Yuchengco Philippine Studies Center, Bindlestiff Theater, Bayanihan Community Center, Togonon Gallery, Galerie Micaela, Philippine subject matter is gaining legitimacy, establishing critical presence and continuing critically acclaimed cultural productions.  This is not isolated to the San Francisco Bay Area but is happening simultaneously in other parts of the US.  New York, Seattle, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Diego are among the leading cities to exhibit and promote Filipino cultural production.  We are in a dynamic era that expands the conversation and include Filipino artistic expression.  This website hopes to facilitate and perpetuate this conversation.