A Timeline of Filipino American Art History
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1980-99: Cultural Renaissance

Hindigenius, Puro Arte At Maporma Pa - The previous generation of artists created a space that made it possible to transform words, images and identities.  The combination of poignant protests and the high of hedonism concocted a cultural construct of creation, critique, and collaboration.  Indigenous forms of art and craft were incorporated in endless manner giving way to catty taglish (Tagalog-English) critique of “hindi genius,” a play on the word “indigenous”, but meaning that the uses of indigenous elements were not smart or meaningful.  A counter movement arose out of the pastiche to present an idiom of art pure in form and homage to indigenous Filipino artistic practices, a facility with modernist language, and the innovation contemporary identity.  The performance art group, M.O.B. (Mail Order Brides) exemplifies this movement through their photographic and video tableaus, enacting feminist, punk, queer, transnational and post-colonial identities.  This also met with catty critique, playing off of pure art or puro arte and employing its double entendre, alternately meaning all façade.  Regardless of the reception of the works done by artists in this period, Filipino artistic production reached a stage of maturity, arriving fully formed and ready to engage.